“Keep up the good work. I found this copy very insightful & interesting. Thanks for your work.” R.McF. – 12/12/2010

What is MISTER?

Men's Information Sheet To Every Region

MISTER is intended to provide men with inspiration and enrichment in their lives. More than a good read.

It is a voluntarily produced, bi-monthly newsletter coming from an idea a few years ago to network men with any agency, organisation, family, community centre, or individual etc, in Australia, New Zealand or anywhere in the world. In a way, MISTER is a common link with many like minded individuals. E-mail and the internet is a great distribution method that allows many recipients to on-forward each edition to other locations.

MISTER is his voluntary contribution to all ManKind and those near.

Who is MISTER?

Ron Parnell had a vision of a newsletter that would give core details of many different aspects of men's health, with references supplied to encourage men to learn more about health issues, promoting much needed self awareness. Brevity was to be of essence and so MISTER is one sheet of paper, printed front and back.


Encourage men to take initiative for improving their own physical and/or mental health.


To assist men in the endeavour of creating self-awareness that will bring about meaningful and balanced lives in relationships, friendships, family life, community involvement and work environment.